Klangdusche @ LANGE NACHT DER MUSIK * München-Glockenbach

I’ve been involved in sound art for a few years. I had a friend, a father of three boys and graphic designer who also played the bass and founded a playground in a nightclub which he called “Klangdusche”, which means “sound shower”. The people who came into this dark blue room were invited to put on headphones hanging on the walls and sit on the sofas, while he was playing an introductory “searching for the sound” piece.


After that, everyone could take an instrument of their choice, or a microphone, and as well search for a sound, best with an instrument they had never played before. The cacophony which came out of that trying and searching was accompanied by the experienced sound artist, which became my role soon as well. The inseparability of listening and playing, adapting the tunes from others, repeating, responding and outlining them encouraged to listen to each other and play in response, until the group of strangers became a team, creating a wonderful field of sound in this pure space.

Klangdusche Instrumentarium

Interview mit Aki Friedrich, dem Gründer: Klangdusche bei Radio Lora 2010

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